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Sun Fusion Nonprofit Organization

Financing Instrument for General Public Investments and Ownership for Exclusively Nuclear Fusion Generated Power.

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GitHub: https://github.com/Kcooperative/SunFusionOrgan.git

Website: https://www.fusionsun.org/

Sun Fusion Organization will contribute to nuclear fusion reactors' electric energy generation high causality calculated projects exclusively and provide the global public with valuable ability and power to directly fund, invest, support, cooperate, and own the concretely precalculated highly valued projects, worldwide via online, in a few clicks. We seek to provide the ability for the global public, to exclusively invest in projects that are both highly causal and resource-utility efficient in a conditionally collaborative and co-investing environment.

Power of Quantity of Equal Opportunity

The value of being able to invest simply in seconds reduces requirements for administrative or certification requirements, which would otherwise be limited to institutions or groups with administrative, established, and allowance power. The ability to perceive and fund the projects as the simplest public representative contributes to equality. 

Now, this power allows for a more inclusive approach, where almost anyone can assess and support projects, making them a de facto public representative. This shift towards inclusivity underlines the concept of equality.

The Power of Equal Opportunity can and will be quantified by one

Main Functions for Sun Fusion Organization

  1. Bring the function to the High Bandwith Perceptions on online platforms.

  2. Bring the evaluative calculations of casualty to projects and markets.

  3. Implement Smart Contracts, and NFT Tokens, representing each project.

                                                              The connections:

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High perception bandwidth viral public websites and social platforms:
MOSTLY = YouTube Shorts, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, Snapchat, Instagram, and Google.com, generated Fusion Energy and Investments content.
Fusion Sun Marketplace Funding Platform with all concrete end-to-end represented and blueprinted projects.
Software-constructed conditional contracts.
Projects themselves.

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