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WhaleWhisper is a DeFi marketing dApp that lets users to receive targeted marketing content by email for RLC, all while preserving their privacy and data security.

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Github Repo: https://github.com/MichaelC1999/WhaleWhisper 

Live Demo: https://whale-whisper.vercel.app/

Bellecour Graph Query dApp: 0xfe7773F87947908C3A14FEEdAAfD8D5eC2b6e2c2

WhaleWhisper is a DeFi marketing dApp that lets users to receive targeted marketing content by email for RLC, all while preserving their privacy and data security. This platform offers users a unique opportunity to monetize their interaction history with DeFi protocols, and it provides marketers with an effective way to reach high-value DeFi users.


WhaleWhisper redefines email marketing in the DeFi space, bridging the gap between users and marketers in a privacy-focused and secure manner. Below are the key aspects of this project:

- User Empowerment: Users can selectively opt to receive marketing content and earn compensation for their participation. This novel approach allows users to take control of their DeFi experience and profit from their history of significant transactions.

- High-Quality Marketing: The platform ensures high-quality marketing by imposing a significant cost per contact. This feature deters spammers and guarantees that users only receive valuable and relevant proposals and messages.

- Privacy and Anonymity: Users can monetize their history of depositing and transacting without revealing their identity or personal information. This is made possible by iExec's DataProtector suite and Web3Mail.

- Targeted Advertising: Marketers can specifically target users who meet distinct criteria based on their DeFi behaviors and transaction history. For example, they can target users who have deposited large sums, interacted with specific protocols, or achieved a particular yield. This precision allows projects to reach the most relevant and engaged audiences.

- Advanced Data Collection: WhaleWhisper employs an iExec application to query subgraph data from multiple DeFi protocols. The iExec decentralized app ensures that the price per contact is correctly assigned and fairly compensated to users, considering their historical metrics.

Key Features

For Users: Query your transaction history and receive a calculated rate for marketing engagement.Deploy protected data containing your email address and 'WhaleWhisper' property for privacy and schema searching.Every time a DeFi Protocol or a marketer wants to contact you, they must pay your calculated rate in RLC. You get paid to get Alpha! The high engagement cost enforces quality and ensures that you are only contacted about opportunities that are very specific to you. Users with a history involving larger values or stronger engagement are calculated a higher rate.

For Marketers:Define custom criteria for targeting users, such as specific DeFi activity, transaction history, or unique demographics.Fetch and email users who meet your criteria, compensating them for their engagement.The platform's flexibility allows for a wide range of filtering options. For instance, you can target users with:

- Users who have deposited $100,000+ as LP in Uniswap in the last 30 days.

- Users who have earned a 10% yield on WETH in Maple Finance.

- Users who have been liquidated on Aave for more than $1 million.

Future Development

WhaleWhisper holds great potential for future development, including:

- Implementation of marketing query logic within iExec applications for enhanced efficiency.

- Exploration of dynamic pricing models where the price paid to a user depends on how specific the criteria is.

- Expansion of filtering criteria to accommodate even more specific targeting.