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Keypom Ticket Marketplace

A place to buy, sell, and trade access keys on-chain, guaranteeing security, and fraud prevention while maintaining the same walletless power of NEAR Access Keys - all without the need for a wallet.

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With Ticketmaster's recent controversies, it becomes increasingly evident that there is a need in the market for a fair, trustless, and cheap ticketing protocol that empowers users and ensures fans do not get priced out of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

By leveraging Keypom access keys as tickets, and building a marketplace contract on top of the protocol, a new kind of experience can be created for fans, one where they can list their own and buy others' tickets on-chain, without a Web3 wallet. This gives both power to the user and comfort with built-in fraud detection through 1-1 access key/NFT mapping.  

Combine this with a marketplace that limits scalping and for-profit reselling and the end product is a fair marketplace that instills confidence in fans and allows them to focus on the event rather than dodging scams and extortionate prices. 

The Frontend for this platform is created on BOS and currently boasts a self-service platform for event organizers to create events, dive into analytics, and for fans to see their tickets. The Frontend requires more integration with the Marketplace contract in order to provide a more holistic experience.  

Marketplace Contract: https://github.com/minqianlu/secondary-market
BOS Frontend: https://near.org/mintlu.near/widget/kp-ticket-homepage?tab=my-ticket-drops
Keypom Contract (marginal changes for this hackathon): https://github.com/keypom/keypom

Presentation Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KJ2OkJjWNy7zWk-nyJYCkP1YAC8M94YenYPoo6RN3o8/edit?usp=sharing