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Privacy-preserving Email Marketing Platform for Web3 Protocols

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  • WalletConnect - Web3Inbox 🔔
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  • CoreDao - Build on Core 🟡
  • iExec - DataProtector and Web3Mail 🔐
  • Polygon - Best use of zkEVM 💜
  • Peanut 🥜 - Peanut SDK





3Mail is a marketing platform for Web3 protocols. It allows Web3 projects to communicate to their users through targeted campaigns in a privacy-preserving way. By leveraging iExec's Web3Mail, protocols can embed a widget in their website and start collecting and sending emails to their users without ever getting access to the actual emails. By leveraging Web3Inbox, protocols can send push notifications to their users and reach them easily.

Campaigns can be targeted to specific subset of users (e.g. holders of an NFT or token) and can optionally include rewards which are distributed with Peanut Protocol.

- yashgoyal 
- mattiapomelli

REPOSITORY WITH PROJECT'S CODE: https://github.com/3Mail-Labs
VIDEO DEMO: https://youtu.be/vsIgKrHXGQM


iExec Web3Mail

Web3Mail is the core of 3mail and powers the email communication from protocols to users while maintaining privacy. Protocols can embed a widget in their website and collect emails in minutes. Users can choose how many emails protocols are able to send. 3mail also aims to empower users to monetize their data and so allows them to choose whether they want to get paid in order to receive an email.

Protocols can leverage Web3Mail for sending targeted campaigns to all their contacts or a subset which matches specific criteria.

WalletConnect Web3Inbox

Web3Inbox powers the notifications that protocols can send via 3mail. Protocols have a dashboard where they can see their contacts and send notification campaigns, either to all the contacts or to a specific subset. Notifications can also include a link for claiming a reward through Peanut Protocol.

Peanut Protocol

We use Peanut Protocol to distribute rewards in a campaign. For every every user that the campaign is directed to, we will generate a link and include it in the email or notification that the user will receive.

Polygon zkEVM

We allow protocols to send targeted campaigns, by filtering their contacts by only those who hold a specific ERC20 token or NFT on Polygon zkEVM. Protocols can also send reward campaigns depositing through Peanut Protocol on zkEVM.

Core DAO

We allow protocols to send targeted campaigns, by filtering their contacts by only those who hold a specific ERC20 token or NFT on Core DAO.

The contract addresses:

Polygon zkEVM Testnet:

Test Erc20

0x08D269B000b1651Bc538101c01e82cBd1170EB42, 0xD73398d206B65e186e3ef63bD936b00e35cE2155, 0x732F666ff0CBa3845A8BeD419f34E4dD926AC401

Test ERC721

0xDE54aEC413927DE6fB803E8e3CE7eA00fe2F3421, 0x51472A96Eb1513377cf1B8Ef43f4e917961C8767

CoreDAO Testnet:

Test Erc20

0xb97076dBD51F51bb4377326C3bf9d360c6c57a42, 0x3065f8630B08a7F68169842c9648551A2684db3a, 0xa37EcCEb830661B2b4313d22C62ee60549479Bc0

Test ERC721

0x1c584585ac61F6eB17D11E60B668873Df41312d0, 0x907e84117b796d215D95d191AB4fECF268585972

P.S. Unfortunately we had issue deploying to Vercel since iExec's library had a conflict dependenciy with other libraries and the build would fail... We deployed a version without iExec just for showing the website but of course the campaigns don't work...