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CritiQA facilitates authentic user engagement for blockchain and tech initiatives. Through verified feedback and incentivized participation, we create a dynamic community, fostering innovation

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  • WalletConnect - Web3Inbox 🔔
  • WalletConnect - Innovation Pooled Prize 🎱
  • iExec - DataProtector and Web3Mail 🔐
  • Safe - Account Abstraction with Safe 🌎
  • Gnosis - Survey Service 🤎
  • Gnosis - Open Innovation on Gnosis Chain 💡
  • Neon EVM - Ethereum dApps on Neon EVM 🚀





We are an application that gatekeeps the distribution of NFTs for members of the blockchain community that provide feedback and help improve the technology of protocols, particularly the protocols that finance the professional development of developers with hackathons.

Our project is a user interaction platform that focuses on rewarding genuine participation in the blockchain and technology ecosystem. We incentivize users to share verifiable opinions and critiques, primarily through the integration of NFTs as evidence of participation in prominent events. By providing tangible benefits such as exclusive event access, job opportunities, and personalized merchandise, we foster a committed and ever-growing community. Additionally, our platform serves as a direct feedback channel for projects, enabling them to interact and respond to user needs more effectively.

Project Overview

User signs in through email AA with safe or through wallet connect, then, joining the event telegram group and collecting the event POAP we gatekeep access to the questionnaire-forms created by the sponsors for that specific event.

The sponsors have the ability to create a form and add as many questions as they wish – they may also wish to tailor their forms to target certain skill-level or previous exposure to their technology. For example, they may want absolute beginners or they may be interested in the opinion of historical hackathon winners. It will be up to the sponsor to design their forms in such a way to facilitate this selection. 

Once a sponsor at the event has created a form the users are notified and can commence to give feedback, upon completion they are awarded with NFTs whose function is also dictated by the sponsor. These may be used for ticketing for side-events, coupons redeemable for merch and early SDK access to name a few.

A user also gains a copy of their answers and there is also the capacity to encrypt the wallet address and personal information regarding the user. This allows users to be in control of their data and potentially create data marketplaces whereby users can sell their responses and protocols can purchase them.


The contract addresses: