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Kleo Network

We use your digital footprint (browsing history) to create your decentralised profile and allow you to connect with others.

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What is Kleo Network?

Kleo Network is a social web3 platform that aims to create a social network backed by a userโ€™s presence online. The basic idea is to have users create their social identities reflected by their internet browsing patterns (using browsing history). Initially, we help users track their browsing history and analyze it to gather insights from it like the top categories they browse. We believe that a userโ€™s online identity is reflected in what they visit online and that is what shapes them. Currently, there is no way to track this in a healthy and transparent manner and Kleo wishes to solve that, giving insights to users on their browsing history.We want people to connect with like-minded people based on actual data and allow them to message and share experiences on the basis of their browsing history. This ability to search, message, and share relevant experiences will save time and create value for our users which was not possible before.

The user has complete control and ownership of that data.

It is also composable in nature, so a person can not only analyze their browsing history but also issue verifiable browsing patterns as credentials to different centralized/decentralized applications. This will enable community creation on the basis of more fine-tuned data.


  • Decentralized Identity, Decentralised Storage, and Encrypted Computation are three stages of our technical growth, and we intend to use different partnerships us to enable that.
  • Categorization of browsing history into different sections such as Social Networking, Travel, Applications, and Entertainment. Productivity can be increased by limiting a specific category and incentivizing other categories.
  • Pin websites and share the browsing titles on that website with others. The idea is to showcase intellectual vanity.
  • We want to give a simple textbox that enables people to query "connect me to folks learning zero-knowledge proofs", and "find people who have booked tickets on Air Asia, and want to learn more about their experiences". These queries will work on the basis of browsing history data and allow them to create experiences with relevant audiences and communities.

What has been done during the course of the hackathon?

We were building a web3 cookie solution previously, which can be found at https://kleo.network/, we recently pivoted to build a decentralized identity on top of browsing history. The entire backend, extension and profile page graphs have been built during the course of the hackathon, the pinned section was done before the hackathon started.ย 


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