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PoolScribe is a decentralized platform transforming subscription management and sharing through smart contract technology, ensuring secure and transparent group subscriptions for various services.

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  • CoreDao - Build on Core 🟡
  • Chronicle Protocol - Most Innovative integration of a Chronicle Oracle ✅
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  • Safe - Using Safe{Core} Protocol ♻️
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Subscribe Together, Save Together


PoolScribe is a decentralized platform that revolutionizes the way we manage and share subscription services. By leveraging smart contract technology, PoolScribe offers a secure and transparent system for creating and joining group subscriptions for a variety of services.

User Journey

1. Group Subscription Creation 🧞: 
Users can easily create a group subscription for services such as Netflix, Spotify, and more, through a guided process on our user-friendly platform.

2. Service Selection 🫳: 
Pool creators can select their pre-defined service (or custom), define the number of seats, set a price per seat, and determine their pool owner fee, all supported by our platform's integrated service verification system.

3. Payment of Pool Creation Fee 🪙: 
A nominal fee is charged in DAI to establish a pool, ensuring quality and commitment from the pool creator.

4. Sharing and Earnings 💸: 
Pool creators can share their subscriptions with others globally and earn from their pool, with all transactions recorded transparently on the blockchain.

5. Community Participation 👯: 
Community members can join active pools by paying the fee, with the assurance of a secure, automated, and fair system managing their subscriptions.

Fee Structure

Pool Creation Fee 🧚: 

  1. A flat rate of 10 DAI is charged to cover the costs associated with setting up and managing the pool. 

This fee is subject to review based on operational costs and community feedback.

Pool Owner Fee 🦸‍♂️: 

  1. Pool creators can set a fee of 0-5% of each subscription amount to cover their initial service setup costs. 

This fee is capped to ensure fairness and is communicated to potential pool joiners.

Protocol Fee 👩‍🔧

  1. A 1% fee on transactions within the protocol is enforced to maintain the infrastructure.

Pool Joiner Fee 🏊‍♀️

  • The service subscription amount. 
  • One-month deposit.
  • 1% protocol fee to access the pool. 
  • 1% protocol fee on their subscription. 

The deposit is securely held and may be used to offset service fees or returned to the pool members.

Returned Fee 🛍️: 

  1. A 3-day dispute period is in place for new users to receive access. If access is not granted, the payment and deposit are returned, excluding the protocol fee to prevent system abuse.

Banned Pool Fee ⛔️:

  1. If a pool receives reports exceeding 50% of its capacity in terms of the number of seats, within the dispute period, it will be closed, with fees returned to users, excluding the pool creator

Report Fee 🗃️: 

  1. Users can report access issues by paying 10% of their subscription deposit. If the majority confirms the issue, the pool is closed, fees are returned, and the reporter's fee is reimbursed.

Future Enhancements

Community Governance 👩‍⚖️: 
A token structure and a DAO will be established for major platform decisions, engaging our user base in the governance process. The token itself will also bring extra benefits for the user of the protocol.

Other Industry Applications 🏗️: 
Besides the software subscription services, we can use the protocol for other sharing services such as real estate and hotel services, transport sharing services, among others.

Dispute and Reporting Mechanisms 🔮: 
In order to ensure that the service is up and running for everyone in the smoothest way possible, we will later improve dispute and reporting mechanisms to ensure fairness across all stakeholders. 


WalletConnect 🔗

  1. To enhance user engagement and streamline communication, we've integrated Web3Inbox to deliver real-time notifications within the app. Users are promptly informed about important events such as the creation of new pools, successful pool joins, and upcoming payment reminders. 
  2. Additionally, we've embraced the WalletConnect SDK, enabling users to seamlessly interact with our protocol using their preferred wallets. This integration ensures a frictionless experience, fostering a connection between PoolScribe and the vast ecosystem of WalletConnect-compatible wallets.

CoreDAO 🟨 

  1. PoolScribe has been strategically deployed on the CoreDAO Testnet, leveraging its robust infrastructure for optimal performance and reliability. This deployment underscores our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge blockchain networks that prioritize scalability and user experience.

Chronicle Protocol 📖

  1. In our pursuit of financial precision and user trust, we're utilizing the Chronicle Protocol's DAI/USD oracle. This integration ensures that user payments in DAI are accurately pegged to the subscription fees in USD, accounting for real-time exchange rates. This feature is crucial for users paying in various local currencies, as it guarantees consistency and fairness in pricing, regardless of currency fluctuations.

Safe 🗄️

  1. Our platform's pool creation process is fortified with the Safe Protocol and Abstraction SDK. This strategic implementation empowers pool owners with enhanced fund management capabilities. Pool owners can now efficiently add or remove wallets with active management roles in specific pools, providing them with unparalleled control over their funds. Furthermore, this allows for secure delegation to other addresses or users, ensuring that only authorized participants can administer the pool's resources.

Project Code

Web: github.com/ickas/poolscribe/tree/main/web
Contracts: github.com/ickas/poolscribe/tree/main/contracts
Smart Contract Address (Core Chain): 0xd7630A747b24b7245ff60e3095aD04684dC1a292

Contact Person

Henrique Silva 👨🏻‍💻

  •  discord username: @henriquesilva17