Project Submission

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Submission Requirements:

Goerli Network

EmbraceApps: 0x98F535f286Db7b425266E6432c9A11989aFdCbfc

EmbraceSpaces: 0x23A21A1572288d0DFF9E8005cEeaF657F9bBdcad

EmbraceAccounts: 0x53D4D0FFf2d9c62Ac51f15856eaB323802845A6b

Cronos Test Network

EmbraceApps: 0x148B94D622c2Ac3abfb550AEaF48F25F105EA18b

EmbraceSpaces: 0x53D4D0FFf2d9c62Ac51f15856eaB323802845A6b

EmbraceAccount: sx3706a43642eC170E9E5e57fa3929FAD854A8fC4E

Live deployments: 


You can check the sponsor bounties here.

Projects can apply to more than one bounty.

On Taikai, the sponsor bounties are identified as "Categories"
Make sure you select the bounties you are applying to on the "Categories" panel (left-bottom side).