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Create your digital collection and build your company engagement

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1. Project category.Digital Arts & Entertainment2. Github Link.https://github.com/MinTango/fideldapp3.Team name.MinTango4. Project description.How the platform works:● Company - Brand1- Create an NFT that will be used to claim the rewards.2- Create a campaign (using Escrow contract services) and deposit the NFT.3- Create an NFT collection, with different attributes and characteristics.4- Launch the 1st challenge, if consumers are able to complete the challenge, they can mintan NFT for the first collection.5- Create a second collection and link it to the first collection.6- Deposit your NFTs into the escrow contract.7- When the deadline is completed, the NFT will be sent to the winner.● Consumers This platform serves as a solid foundation for constructing a comprehensive membership program or seamlessly integrating with an existing one, thereby granting consumersexclusive benefits and access to various perks.5. Names of the participants.Damian Vazquez. - [email protected] - https://github.com/damivazbienMatias Guagliardo - [email protected] - https://github.com/Mattteus1Maximiliano Prudenzano - [email protected] -https://github.com/m-prudenzano-dev6. Project name.FidelDapp7. Project logo.

8. Problem description.

A lack of customer engagement with brands and their products.

The misconception of digital collectibles value.

9. Solution or how the project helps to solve the problem.

FidelDapp is a platform where companies can create NFTs collections, to reward the most

active community members in different ways and to build or improve their loyalty with the

company. It can also be attached to physical products. FidelDapp aims to be a tool that

helps users (Consumers, companies and creators) to connect between one and another.

FidelDapp is looking to create a reputational profile and loyalty program to reward

consumers and add value to digital products.

10. Benefits of a loyalty program scheme, based in product/NFT collections

FidelDapp aims to help companies to build and grow their communities through the use and

implementation of novel collectibles like NFTs. These can add value and a variety of ways to

interact and engage with the community.

The benefits include:

● Free shipping

● Exclusive savings

● Birthday gifts and rewards

● First access to new products

● Access to exclusive products

● Member-only grooming magazine

● Dedicated customer support team

● Personalized product recommendations

● Earn points for joining the loyalty program and buying products

● Sharing product experiences with online reviews (with a cap at 3 product reviews per


11. Tech stack

Tech Stack: - Hardhat for development environment

- Solidity as programming language.

- For testing: ethers, typescript, typechain, chai, mocha, OpenZeppelin test helpers.

- Javascript (Framework React)

- React

12. Slide presentation