Project Description

CrowdEstate is an innovative project presented at a recent hackathon that offers a new avenue for real estate investment. The mission of CrowdEstate is to democratise home ownership by providing shared ownership opportunities. This is achieved through the tokenisation of property shares on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling individuals to invest in percentages of a house.

Problems and Solutions

One of the core problems that CrowdEstate addresses is the stark decline in home ownership among 25-34 year-olds, mainly due to skyrocketing property prices. By connecting investors and homebuyers, CrowdEstate aims to lower the minimum investment requirements and provide an additional source of capital for homebuyers.

The platform offers a suite of services, including escrow, title transfers, and blockchain-based token transfers, all integrated within a user-friendly interface. An innovative aspect of this platform is the ten-year expiry on tokens representing shares in a property, providing an exit strategy for investors.

CrowdEstate presents a potential solution for first-time homebuyers by enabling a faster equity-building process, with the added benefit of significantly reducing the minimum investment requirements. This makes property investment more accessible for a wider range of individuals.

Distinct from traditional property listing websites, CrowdEstate offers users the unique ability to directly buy shares in properties. Through tokenising properties using blockchain technology and distributing tokens as needed, the platform facilitates seamless transactions.

CrowdEstate embraces Web3 technologies and the Ethereum blockchain, an infrastructure uniquely suited to providing products such as CrowdEstate, which distributes dividends to token holders. The platform's revenue is generated from the fees collected for buying and selling tokens, and potentially from listing fees, aiming to keep these costs proportionately low to encourage usage.

The ideal CrowdEstate customer is a real estate investor who can't afford the high setup costs associated with traditional property purchasing, as well as those seeking more affordable home ownership options. The platform measures its progress using key metrics such as the number of properties tokenised and the total value of tokens sold.

In addition to serving individual homebuyers, CrowdEstate envisions its platform being used to fund large real estate projects, such as multifamily apartments. With ambitions to expand globally, the platform seeks to leverage network effects facilitated by the global blockchain.


In demonstrating the functionality of the platform, a project demo was presented that showed the purchase process from the perspective of a first-time homebuyer. CrowdEstate also compared its social good and initial capital requirements with other real estate platforms, highlighting its superior user experience for homebuyers and investors alike.

Overall, CrowdEstate represents an evolution in fractional ownership, perfectly blending technology and real estate investment for the benefit of homebuyers and investors.

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