x-safe: Unified Interface for Multichain Gnosis Safe Transactions

x-safe is a React-based web application designed to streamline the process of signing Gnosis Safe transactions across multiple blockchains. With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the application allows users to interact with various smart contracts and initiate secure, multi-signature transactions.

Key Features

  • Multi-Chain Support: Operates across Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Polygon blockchains.
  • Dynamic ABI Loading: Automatically fetches ABI for the contracts for interaction.
  • Function Selector: Allows users to select from available contract methods for execution.
  • Input Parameters: Enables user-defined input for smart contract methods.
  • Gnosis Safe Management: Facilitates adding multiple Gnosis Safes for transaction signing.

Technical Components

  • Web3Modal: For seamless Web3 provider integration.
  • EtherScan: Automatically fetch ABIs.
  • Safe-SDK: To leverage Safe's transaction management capabilites.

User Flow

  • Add Safes: Users can add Gnosis Safes for multiple chains with details like blockchain type and Safe address.
  • Add Contract Calls: Users can specify the contract address and select a Gnosis Safe to use for transactions.
  • Function & Inputs: For each contract, users can select a function to call and provide necessary inputs.
  • Transaction Signing: Users can then sign the transaction with a click of a button.