Forced HODL

Forced HODL gives users free ETH wallets. Users receive keystore files. The password to decrypt this file is released after a preset time determined by the user. This allows gifting of locked assets.

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As a young person, I remember getting savings bonds from my Grandma. It was a wonderful way to save. The catch was that you couldn't redeem them years. This taught me to delay gratification and the value of saving.

ForcedHODL brings this concept to a new generation

Users create Ethereum wallets that are timelocked for a set interval. You can choose days, weeks, months, or years. The user receives either a paper wallet or keystore file. The files are encrypted with a passcode that won't be revealed to the user until that time has lapsed

Users can fill these wallets with ETH, governance tokens, yield-bearing tokens, NFTs, or any other Ethereum compatable asset. This project seeks to provide a pubic good to Chicago and the world by enabling people to give the gift of Ethereum as well as teach the lesson of delayed gratification and the value of saving.

Published Under MIT