Technologies Used:


Blockchain Element: Web3Auth for Ethereum wallet creation

Backend:'s built-in database for user data storage and matching algorithms

Questionnaire: Custom-built on to capture user inputs for pathway matching

RegenID is a pioneering platform aimed at fostering environmental stewardship by connecting individuals to customized "Regenerator Pathways," which are opportunities for positive ecological action. For our hackathon MVP, users can sign up using Web3Auth to create a multi-chain web3 wallet. Post-sign-up, they are guided through a questionnaire that assesses their skills, interests, and location. Based on their responses, our MVP matches them with suitable Regenerator Pathways from our database, providing a streamlined approach to participating in environmental projects.

While our MVP focuses on web3 wallet creation via Web3Auth and personalized pathway matching, our next steps are ambitious. We plan to integrate with a broader architecture that includes decentralized identity through Ceramic and smart contract interactions via Thirdweb. Future functionalities will involve developing a comprehensive Regenerator Pathways Database, implementing more advanced matching algorithms, and introducing a Bioregional Passport—a digital identity with multiple use-cases, from eco-asset tracking to volunteer empowerment.