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Technologies Used: Solidity, Next.js, Node.js, Wormhole (EVM), Eth-Scaffold-2, Web3Auth, SendGrid, PostgreSQL, Docker,


Email inbox is an extremely valuable virtual estate yet easily penetratable territory. Why is it that so? Imagine a Beverly Hills house with no fencing, for anyone to come in — that's what emails are.

Cold emailing is a headache for both the sending and receiving parties. Recipients' inboxes are cluttered with emails, spending little time per email headline and missing out on actually valuable emails. In turn, senders send emails (important to them) that get no response.

It's the net-negative exchange — both senders and recipients lose time on emails!

InitMail comes to solve the inefficiency and lost time between senders and recipients.

Senders can attach "value" to their emails. It's eye-grabbing for recipients for two reasons: generates revenue, signifies seriousness, and shows consideration. If someone's willing to spend $100 to write an email, maybe it's really important?

Even better, recipients don't need a wallet! They can sign up using Gmail or other SSOs, which generates an MPC wallet and abstracts away the blockchain. They can also continue using normal inboxes. Set up and receive valuable emails in inboxes!

In the future, InitMail plans to support non-EVM blockchains (currently it supports Optimism and Arbitrum via Wormhole). 

We also plan to support attaching non-monetary values to emails. Send NFTs or some funny items on blockchain — it could be a baguette-redeemable NFT or an invitation to an event.

We are constantly thinking about the user's experience in using the protocol, especially abstracting away the blockchain with Account Abstraction and other UX techniques. Using blockchain as programmable money and non-money API, we envision a new mini-economy of signals and values on email inboxes!