This is an MVP for a tokenization project where whitelisted users can create NFTs representing the ownership of a building project containing multiple apartments. 

The apartment NFTs can be fully fractionalized. 

The NFT balance can be used in a separate settlement contract as a proof of (partial) ownership to claim cash flows originating from the apartment. 

The NFT can only be transferred between KYC/AML'ed accounts. 

The website asks users for KYC/AML information and links this to the connected wallet's address.

To mint new apartments in a given building contract multiple signatures from a predefined list of addresses is required. 

contracts deployed on Sepolia


    "eurAddress": "0x4aD01d867060ee783713A955fe9e557259d36c1e",

    "multiSigTokenAddress": "0x982de152aD7E0c79f5d6a31F37b6C443f8e68E92",

    "listingsAddress": "0xC7fCA70F31B9d68Fa39178dDa8b0e3B3A824642F",

    "payoutSettlementAddress": "0x66f16e075F7357f086732233Db4fFE705Cc3e53C"