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Revolutionize the real estate industry

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Website: https://eth-brussels.vercel.app/

TOKENESTATE aims to harness the power of blockchain technology to construct physical non-fungible tokens (pNFTs), which serve as verifiable proofs of ownership and authenticity. The core benefits include facilitating financial support to real estate assets via effective funding strategies and granting investors the opportunity to broaden their investment portfolio, thereby amplifying their potential for financial growth and stability.

Our purpose is to revolutionize the real estate industry by leveraging blockchain technology for the tokenization of real estate assets. We seek to create a platform that provides financial accessibility, democratizes real estate investment, and promotes economic inclusivity.


  • Democratize Real Estate Investment:  To create an accessible platform for investors of all sizes, breaking down traditional barriers to entry in real estate investment.
  • Promote Financial Accessibility:  To enable individual and institutional investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in tokenized real estate assets.  
  • Enhance Liquidity of Real Estate Assets:  To increase the liquidity of real estate assets by allowing fractional ownership and facilitating easier buying and selling of these assets.
  • Improve Transparency and Security:  To provide a secure and transparent environment for real estate transactions, ensuring the protection and verification of all data and transactions.  
  • Support Real Estate Development:  To provide a novel source of funding for real estate development, thereby contributing to economic growth and community development 

The vision

TOKENESTATE is at the front line of a real state asset tokenisation, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for authentication, ownership, and management. Through its innovative features, commitment to regulatory compliance and responsible operations, and vision for the future, TOKENESTATE is assures to revolutionise the market and equitable world, offering a seamless andreliable way for investors to interact with and manage their valuable assets. By harnessing the transformative potential of blockchain. Enhance trust and transparency in the tokenization of real state marketFacilitate secure and efficient transactions within the ecosystemFoster the adoption of pNFTsContribute to a more sustainable future by reducing the environmental footprint throughdigitalisation

> More information can be found in the attached `DOCS_TOKENSTATE.pdf` 

# Technical implementation:

Code implementation : https://github.com/RegisGraptin/ETHBrussels

## MultiSig Contract

When a company intends to purchase land and construct a new house, securing adequate funding for the project becomes crucial. To efficiently manage the financial aspects, we have opted to establish a MultiSig Wallet, which enables control and oversight of transactions. This means that only approved transactions can be executed and funds transferred. Consequently, whenever the company needs to unlock funds for construction expenses, they are required to present the transaction to the other owner(s) for approval before it can be processed. We implemented a MultiSig in Solidity that manage the liquidity aspect. The address of our implementation can be found on Goerli: 0xD9d6a2BACB7e7FE7b88ba40c026a72525B4FC291

## KYC System

As we are dealing with real asset, a KYC system is mandatory. To implement this system, we though about using our MultiSig contract to manage the KYC system. Currently this system is quite simple, a user fill a form saying that he wants to invest in real estate. The user also share his public key and sign his data. Then, the company receives a new application, and decide to approve or not the transaction. At the moment, this KYC system is only managed by a list of addresses store in a smart contract. A company have to manually send the address of the user to the smart contract in order to approve the user. But in the future, we can improve this process to be more fluid and efficient for the company. Also, for future version, one idea was to have different level of KYC. For example, based on the trade flow, we can adjust the require information of a person. This can also allow the person to buy different kind of property. 

## New Building - NFT Creation

When a company wants to gather funds, it needs to create a new NFT that will provide all the information about the new building. This main NFT will be owned by the `MultiSigWalletAsset` that will have the control over the information of this contract and have the possibility to mint NFT that can be sell to future potential client. Additionally, this MultiSig will manage the KYC process. Thus, we have a control over the lifecycle of the NFT and can manage if the user has a KYC or not.

Currently, our first working approach is to use `ERC721Collectibles` using the LayerX dappKit framework. This allow us to create a NFT collection having the same price over all of them. This approach is only accessible for the administrator of the website.