Teko empowers global engagement to fund and monitor impact to local communities through eco-tourism providers.

We use the power of communities and web3 to enable efficient pureposeful fundraising, environmental and social impact, and a community based monitoring of such impacts.

We partner with eco-lodges to create NFT collections for their supporters, who gain access to  benefits like exclusive willdlife content from the lodge and an ongoing stream of ERC20 points-token. These poins can be redeemed for discount stays at the lodge, to purchase physical and digital art made by the local community, and in exchange for raffle entries to win a community monitoring trip to the lodge, where the winner represents the other holders in documenting and following up on the use of funds and improvements. The proceeds from the NFT sale are partly sent to eco-lodge upfront, partly held in a community treasury that gets released yearly to the lodge after the holder community approves the past use of funds and audits impact reporting. While escrowed in the treasury, the yield generated by these funds gets redirected to local community social impact programs and/or UBI.

This project was developed during Ethereum.SP Hackathon held in Sao Paulo, Brazil from September 9th to 11th 2022.