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Ponte is an open-source protocol revolutionising employment verification by leveraging zero knowledge and attestations. We address the problems of fake work experience and unreliable reviews. Our censorship-free platform ensures transparent job reviews and project participation while empowering individuals with trustworthy insights.

Our key features include verifiable working experience, anonymous verified reviews, and attestation gated forums

Powered by:

  • Ethereum attestation service
  • Semaphore
  • Metamask Snaps

Technical overview

The user interacts with Ponte protocol trough web app. User can be either person or a company wanting to claim or issue attestations. When user delivers adequate proof he is assigned attestation which can be shown on Ponte website for everyone to see. For anonymous signaling (in our case anonymous reviews) we use zero knowledge technology and semaphore protocol. In metamask snaps we are storing identity nullifier and identity trapdoor (imagine these as private keys) which are later used to generate ZKPs ( in our case proof of membership in user group). 

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Attestation examples

Example 1 -

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Discord username for a person of contact

Veljko - Veljko#9770

Ivan - vani#6039

Bounty information:

  • Web3 Academy
  • Metamask
  • Ethereum track bounty
  • Ethereum attestation service
  • Eth Belgrade