Extention to Metamask that allows to manage your identity and present them for verification to third parties.


Person can connect Metamask with DIDs it has issued and present them to third parties, as:

  • ecommerce web sites ( such as presenting driving license to rent a cat)
  • governments ( request visa based on your DID passport )
  • any organisation ( univerisity to present your diplomas )

How to use

  1. install this snap to Metamask
  2. connect your DIDs to your account
  3. when web site asks for identity, select which identity you need and proceed

How to integrate

Use Snap API for

  1. requeseting DID
  2. validating DID

After validation you can use standard Web3 API and smart contracts to proceed with payment, etc.

Github code


Aleksey Studnev

Srdjan Stankovic

Dmitriy Krasnov

Andrei Ivanov