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Problem statement

Most people can’t or don’t understand the concept and benefits of the blockchain, which makes it harder to bring the benefits of this new and exciting technology to the people. 

The project aims to onboard such people with an easy to use and unambiguous application to make them more comfortable with blockchain technologies and crypto, by using one of the oldest and most common forms of interaction, the handshake.

We have two other main issues to address:

  • How can we make sure the newly onboarded people don't have to care about the transaction fees? It can not be expected from them to have a wallet already loaded with various currencies like ETH.
  • Risk of anonymity. Above a certain limit without verification you should not be able to make agreements.  

Product market fit

Underserved needs

Needs regarding agreements

  • People want to easily create immutable agreements that can prove what two parties agreed upon.
  • People want an easy and secure place to store and access such agreements.
  • People want to do it easy.  

Needs regarding finances

  • People want to easily and quickly transfer assets internationally.
  • People want transparency about their assets and transactions.
  • People want to prove the origin of their assets or want to have full anonymity.
  • People associate the blockchain with cryptocurrencies only.
  • People want to grasp the concept of cryptocurrencies fast and easy, but it is very complex.

Value proposition

These needs can all be met with blockchain technology. However the entry-level knowledge when using any blockchain is pretty high for technologically underdeveloped people.

Our application aims to lower that entry level barrier for this knowledge, so anyone can use the blockchain as long as they have a smartphone and are willing to shake a few “hands”