Imagine a world where you will never have to “take someone’s word for it”

Imagine knowing, instead of wondering

The safety of the world is reduced to ZEROs and ONEs. 

That is String. 

The platform that unlocks your product story. 

But, what does that actually mean? 

Do you know how Canva has templates for Instagram posts, presentations, CVs, etc? 

String platform has templates for the following use cases: 

Imagine if we could prove the correlation of crime rate to the distribution of licensed weapons, once and for all. 

... (inter)national registry of licenses to bear arms and legal weapon tracking

Imagine having food poisoning and knowing EXACTLY who to sue. Sue only when you KNOW you can win. 

... perishable goods end-to-end supply chain management tracking. 

Imagine having all the details about the safety of a bus taking you to Greece, before onboarding it. No more freak bus accidents in the summer

... vehicle and driver validation for touristic land passenger transport. 

Why use blockchain for this? Web2 can do this, right?


Hear us out: 

  1. Irrefutable source of truth. Blockchain makes it THAT simple. It is either ONE or ZERO. 

  2. Hell to hack. You can not go around levels of permissions assigned on BC.

  3. Only ZK rollups can solve the “Schrödinger's cat” dillema. No need to open the darn box to know if the cat is dead. We are combining private and open chains, depending on the use case, to make sure that we protect data privacy where needed, but still keep the promise of blockchain transparency alive. 

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