Eaze: Make Payments without an internet connection.

Problem: During our travel to EthAccra, we couldn't pay for food in Togo because of a lack of internet connection and we didn't have their local currency to make the transactions.

At that moment we realized that our blockchain knowledge was useless because the natives didn't understand crypto and blockchain and we couldn't access the internet.

Solution: Introducing Eaze, a platform that allows its users to make payments anywhere in Africa without an internet connection, This is possible with the use of USSD and the Blockchain.

How it works:


  • Users sign up with wallets
  • We auto-generate passcode for USSD 
  • Answer security questions
  • Fund account with USDT or with supported local currency
  • See transaction history


  1. Initiate a USSD payment by dialling *384*69062#
  2. Choose the currency you want to pay to (CFA, CEDIS, NAIRA, USDT)
  3. Input the vendor account details (account & name)
  4. Enter amount
  5. Add generated code & answer the security question
  6. approve transaction
  7. Vendor receives Credit Alert

Our Business Model:

TAM (Total Addressable Market ) - Africa has a total of 55.3 million cryptocurrency holders across 33 countries.

SAM( Serviceable Addressable Market ) - Our Target Users is 20% of our TAM which is 11 million users. These users make at least one transaction per day - which equates 11 million transactions.

  • Our fee per transaction - $0.02
  • Expected revenue per day - $0.02 * 11 million transactions = $220,000 per day
  • In a year, we have the potential to make $80,300,000
  • In 3 years, $240,900,000

Scalability Plans

  1. We partner with more banks to create accounts for different users in different countries
  2. We incorporate more currencies from different countries and create  blockchain.
  3. Educational outreach for vendors on how our platform can help them receive payment in other currencies using Blockchain Development

Technologies Used
Frontend : Typescript, Nextjs, TailwindCSS, React-Toastify, Rainbowkit 

Backend: Solidity, nodejs ,expressjs,  Africastalking(ussd connector)

Web3 technologies used:

GraphQL: We used it for querying the transaction history and made it available to the users.

Scaffold-eth: used it to set up the code architecture.

ERC4337 - Account Abstraction

Github -

Landing page -

 Goerli contract address -