Welcome to NSAWA, the groundbreaking on-chain donation platform that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to enable registered charity and donor organizations to send and receive donations like never before. 
Welcome, to a world where every donation makes a real impact, and transparency is the guiding principle.


  • NGOs struggle to raise funds for their impactful projects. This is evident in the increasing number of street children in Accra.

  • Grant donors find it difficult to trust NGOs with funds. 


For Charity Organizations:

🔑 Seamless Access: Effortlessly log in with your blockchain wallet.

🤝 Multisignature Account: Create a secure multisignature account, ensuring the utmost safety for your funds.

🌍 Project Creation: Bring your charitable projects to life, all within the platform.

📣 Community Engagement: Share your mission with the world and rally support from a vibrant community of donors.

For Grant/Donor Organizations:

🔑 Effortless Access: Easily log in using your blockchain wallet, ensuring a seamless experience.

🤝 Secure Multisignature Account: Set up multisignature account to bolster trust and safety.

💖 Giving That Matters: Donate to registered charities and witness the tangible impact of your contributions.

🪙 Rewarding Generosity: Receive governance tokens as a token of appreciation for your commitment to making the world a better place.


  • Donors can make gas-less donation transactions
  • Users can place request for gas to complete token transfers


Behind the magic of NSAWA, we rely on a robust tech stack:

1️⃣ The Graph: For efficient data indexing and retrieval, ensuring real-time transparency.

2️⃣ Solidity: The bedrock of our smart contracts, guaranteeing the security and reliability of transactions.

3️⃣ React: Delivering a user-friendly interface for a seamless experience.

4️⃣ Vite: Our choice for rapid development, making sure we stay ahead of the curve.

5️⃣ Typescript: Ensuring code integrity and facilitating a smoother development process.

NSAWA is not just a platform; it's a movement to transform how the world gives. With us, you're not just making donations; you're forging meaningful connections, creating real change, and leaving a legacy of transparency and impact. Join NSAWA today, where every donation counts, and every action speaks volumes. 

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Nsawa - A Ghanaian (Twi) name for donations 

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Subgraph -Nsawa

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