Metro eletrik is an electricity subscription system built on the Ethereum network. Electricity distribution companies create business profiles and set unit amounts, and users can pay using Ether or USDC.

NOTE: Contracts are deployed on Sepolia testnet

Address for Factory contract: 0x9f272C9F9578E288D9c4a153E449Bf729f5f3a43

Address to child contract: 0x77bDcF6f892104cdD6CE685a202C3d9F0048C4cE

Address to Metr token: 0xc83c236c17ADd7a584EC1cFB44401890a7515805

Link to Github:

Link to slides: 

Link to Video Demo:

The project token was built using mazuma, scaffolded using scaffoldeth and deployed to the Ethereum Sepolia testnet.