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The problem

  • Countless amounts of waste are produced in homes, stores, and industries every day.
  •  Incorrect disposal or inadequate waste sorting negatively affects the environment and increases human and animal contamination.
  • The waste generated by the population and economic sectors is often disposed of in standard containers instead of eco points since there is a lack of them around the city.
  • Waste has a high commercial value, but the population, retail businesses, and industry are not integrated with waste management companies that need waste as a raw material.
  • Recycling companies are always seeking to obtain the waste from the selective collection and willing to pay a reasonable price for it, but find it challenging to get them.
  • More than 300 Portuguese waste management companies use waste for recycling and pay per kilograms or tons. However, the logistics for obtaining waste and the few existing eco points impact the recycling process.

The solution

More integration and collaboration among the stakeholders are needed to overcome the aforementioned issues. In this sense, we develop the APP ReneWaste, which stands as a bridge between waste management companies and final users (e.g., population, microbusiness owners, industries, etc.)

In this sense, our solution is based on:

  • Development of a mobile application to connect the population, cooperatives, enterprises, and micro-enterprises with waste management companies.
  •  Integration in a mobile commerce platform (m-commerce) for selling and buying waste among the users.
  • Registration of the interested parties (natural and legal persons) wishing to sell or buy waste.

How it works


  • The user makes available in the application the waste and the respective quantity. Then the interested companies will give a bid price on the residue through an auction.
  • The prices for buying and selling waste in the application will be more advantageous than the market prices.
  • ReneWaste will profit through a percentage in each commercial transaction and advertisement inside the app.
  • ReneWaste guarantees transportation through partnerships. Registered van owners are responsible for transportation, receiving a transportation fee amount after making the delivery. A model similar to that used in Uber Eats or Glovo. The transportation fee is already included in the final auction price.

Our Team

We are a young team, focused and passionate about sustainability! The experience at CityHack2020 was essential for the development of our idea and developing our team spirit. We also want to thanks for the meetings with the mentors. The tips and insights were very useful for improving our idea!

It was amusing! 😎