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Web3 crosschain music analytics integrating with traditional publishing and metadata schemas via chainlink functions.

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What the project does

Musicians mint NFTs for the purpose of data tracking, following industry convention (Work and Recording), other musicians can mint derivative works and connect recordings to works.

Users can interact via a review and playlisting mechanism which connects to recordings crosschain. 

Curators have the ability to publish reviews crosschain and artists can connect derivative works across chain, allowing for a true multichain graph database to emerge with pointers via NFT ids.

Secondary indexes are ISWCs, IPIs, ISRCs and ISNIs.

Unimplemented ideas:

- Users pay for interaction in curation, reimbursing artists and other curators for their work via a token

- Validation of key recording industry identifiers (ISWCs, ISRCs, IPIs) via Chainlink functions

- An indexer (we would use the graph) tracks activity on this system of smart contracts. This would allow queriability across the full blockchain ecosystem.

- Artists or supporters can pre-load contracts with gas, allowing curators and users to sign a message, promoting open data collection on the blockchain. This would also allow for users to self-identify as listeners to music onchain without having to become curators.

Show me the code!

SunderController.sol, lines 169 to 263.

Challenges we ran into

Time!!! hahaha, we have built the data schema layer on chain and one example crosschain transaction. We would have loved to build out and deploy the tokenisation, chainlink function, metatransaction and data analysis layers of this project but we ran out of time :(.  

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