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Cross chain ERC20 permit

ERC-20 tokens are a popular token type on the Ethereum blockchain, but one of the problems with their use is the need for multiple transactions to approve token transfers. This is where EIP-2612 comes

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Goal: The project aims to address the challenges associated with token transactions on different blockchains, focusing on simplicity and interoperability. Building on the EIP-2612 and CCIP chainlink proposals, this project seeks to revolutionize the way users manage and transact with their digital tokens.

Key Features:

  1. EIP-2612 Integration: We will implement the EIP-2612 proposal on the Ethereum blockchain to allow users to approve multiple ERC-20 token transfers in a single transaction, drastically reducing complexity and associated costs.
  2. CCIP Extension: We will develop an extension called CCIP that will take the functionality of EIP-2612 one step further, allowing users to approve token transfers on different blockchains from a single transaction, which will facilitate token management in multi-blockchain environments.
  3. Enhanced Interoperability: Our project will enable users to make payments and token transfers more efficiently and effectively, even when token balances are held on different blockchains, thus promoting interoperability and flexibility in the digital token ecosystem.


Send approval from the fuji network to the token in sepolia.

code in solidity of the transferOnSepolia method

Git: https://github.com/LuisFelipe09/ccipToken

Transaction test: