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CrossDAO is a robust solution designed to support cross-chain DAO functionalities.

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What the project does

CrossDAO is a comprehensive cross-chain governance solution designed to streamline decentralized decision-making across multiple blockchains. It provides a robust framework that enables users to create and participate in governance proposals without the need to transfer their tokens between chains. The system is built on a foundation of smart contracts and uses Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to facilitate secure communication between different blockchains.

Once a governance proposal is initiated on a source chain, an event is emitted to all supported chains. These chains then generate corresponding cross-chain proposals, enabling their native communities to cast votes. During the voting period, each blockchain maintains its own tally of votes.

To ensure efficiency and accuracy, the system includes Chainlink automation that continuously monitors active proposals. When a proposal's voting period expires, this automated service counts the votes from all participating chains and closes the proposal. The vote totals are then summed on the source chain, and if a consensus is reached, the proposal is executed. If not, the proposal is automatically closed.

Through this automated, cross-chain governance system, CrossDAO aims to empower decentralized communities by offering a more inclusive, transparent, and efficient means for collective decision-making.

Show me the code!

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(Some transaction links)
https://ccip.chain.link/msg/0x3f39db5fbb603856d4bf94e020b42385e15731ff27164ae6e8ee9fc01cc156fa (Fuji to Mumbai)
https://ccip.chain.link/msg/0x14e524a728eb4ce28bc95e583613af96ab67699f561b616fecc358dc2736ed24 (Mumbai to Fuji)

Chainlink Automations - https://automation.chain.link/fuji/65764470176002989354221466467192328868983098136244392226193674954435268878214

Challenges we ran into

- The project was really difficult to test locally as this was a cross chain project.
- Currently, CCIP is taking about 20-25 minutes for delivering one message from one chain to another, making it even more difficult to test the project.

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