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Your AI Dataset creator and marketplace

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Easy to create your dataset for fine-tuning machine learning models, but also have the possibility to purchase other peoples datasets. The great thing is when you buy the datasets, they are stored on IPFS and are un-censorable. 

We use the following smart contracts:

First one is with Chainlink functions and the sole purpose for this contract is buying datasets and through the Chainlink function and our backend it uploads the dataset to IPFS and you can access the dataset forever


Unique features are:

  1. Dataset purchaser pays the subscription fee (no more need to add funds to the subscription, just deploy and probably extract the excess from link from the subscription sometimes)
  2. Chainlink function has retry policy and our backend uploads it to IPFS (we use web3storage) and return the CID
  3. If our backend fails, purchaser will be issued a refund

The second contract is a CCIP contract that will act as a proxy from other chains, so that they can pay from whatever CCIP source chains are supported. This functionality allows for a EVM-compatible blockchain agnostic data market service. 


We also have a working frontend/backend hosted on qlog.ai

Easy to create your own dataset and export it for the right finetuning file format (davinci, chatGPT and in the future also LLama/LLama2)


Further Considerations:

  • Decentralised Storage : support LLM / fine-tuning model storage in decentralised way
  • Fee Optimisation / economic model : design model to make project economically sustainable

Expanding Chainlink Capabilities :


  • Expand Available Chains : deploy to all supported CCIP chains
  • Implement Auto Funding Solution : ensure CCIP contract deployments are kept funded
  •  Increase CCIP support : add data sending support / automated token transfer

2. Functions

  • Improve Functions : encrypt datasets specifically to public key dataset purchaser, unfortunately eth_getEncryptionKey and eth_decrypt is depracted without a good alternative https://medium.com/metamask/metamask-api-method-deprecation-2b0564a84686. Really difficult to have a good UX without using methods from Metamask or any other Web3 wallet
  • Integrate CCIP Data Calls : call functions from CCIP Sender contract using data vs token transfer