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💎 Idea

We created an app for people that run and travel a lot! After choosing distance, road surface, type of run, our algorithm shows you the best route proposals. Thanks to our app you will discover running from a different perspective.

Quick run on the trail route close to your hotel? How about a visit to the center combined with a tour of the many sights? Or maybe something completely different and you are looking for peace and quiet in the mountains? If so, you'll love Runigo. Our app helps you find your perfect running route based on your preferences.

Our customer is a business man who loves running and spends a lot of time on business trips. Also running tourists will use our app! They do not have much time to find the perfect route. They often visit new places, where they could be lost without help.

Do you have trouble with finding an interesting route to run? Don’t have time for that. Are you afraid of getting lost in the city? Would you like to see places worth visiting by the way?

We will help you find the perfect jogging route. Based on our algorithms, open source, satellite, meteorological and air quality data, you will receive suggestions for the perfect route you are looking for.

According to estimates, 57.8 million people run in Europe. 8% of Poles run, which gives about 3 million people, of whom 4% are runners and business travelers.

Freemium, pro - subscription model (4,99 EUR/month lub 29,99 EUR/year).

80 people has already registered for trial

🛰️ EU space technologies

Using the collected Galileo positions we will create the most optimal route per user of our application. We will use Galileo because we want better accuracy, especially in places that are difficult to get to (heavily forested areas in the mountains or urbanized areas).

Moreover, thanks to precise user position it is possible to report events on the route (fallen tree, impassable road, closed park after 8:00 PM, closed trail, illegible route marking). Satellite data will be used to track and record the route taken.

Using Sentinels satellite data, we will detect green areas (less urbanized) and assess air quality in the area. 

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

The solution corresponds to the second competition category - Experiencing cities and cultures. Our application helps to discover new places through sports activities. A personalized route tailored to our needs will lead you to new destinations. Thanks to us, cross-country tourism will take on a new dimension.

💪 Team 

Mateusz Kierepka - Serial Entrepreneur Business Development Manager. CEO and CTO with 20 years of experience in development of MedTech solutions. Creator of the most important Polish start-ups such as MedApp. Serially takes part in hackathons - several wins including New York Swiss-Re hackathon.

Magdalena Oświęcimka - UI/UX Designer. Frontend Developer with 5 years of experience. Running lover and member of board in I Ty Możesz Być Wielki Association.

Łukasz Kierepka - Full Stack Developer with 7 years of commercial experience. Wide range of programming skills: DevOps, Backend/Frontend development, Database design and optimization.

Monika Nowak - Full Stack Developer with 5 years of experience, Passionate foodTraveler


Link to online demo or video recording: https://www.figma.com/proto/Sq8lcyZB6maXQmmWPXhfRr/RuniGo?node-id=8%3A15&scaling=min-zoom&page-id=8%3A14&starting-point-node-id=8%3A15 

Link to open-source code repository: https://github.com/kierepka/TeamPistacchio