💎 Idea

Imagine living in a place where you haven’t experienced the local surrounding. What if we told you that you can now explore the local area in a better way with some swipes on your phone. We are Click & Go - Tinder and Instagram for travel. A one swap solution to make your local experiences an adventure.

🛰️ EU space technologies

Data - Galileo and Copernicus (Sentinels) Services data.

Information for positioning from Galileo helps with the precise location of up to 1meter accuracy.

Information about Landcover and Atmospheric gases helps us create a model which in turn will help us to find places as per the customer's preferences. 

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

This initiative focuses on #2 Experiencing cities and cultures. Our solution focuses on discovering local places and empowering local businesses. We are creating value by emphasising on Re: Visting local places. We help cut down on CO2 emissions creating a direct impact on the environment and encouraging sustainable travelling/living. Our product offers a one-stop shop to discover local areas in a fun way.

💪 Team 

Davide Di Staso is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Davide is the Design lead.

Niyireth Echeverri is an aerospace engineer. Niyireth is the Product development lead

Shravan is a GIS engineer and an entrepreneur. Shravan is the Business lead.