💎 Idea

Tourists who visit Coimbra, on average, spend 1.5 days in the city. To the majority of them, the only identified points of interest are the University Coimbra and the Library without knowing they are missing the wonders and experiences the city could offer them. We want to change this, want to show a Different Coimbra!

Have you ever imagine to say hello to the first Portuguese King? With our app you will discover a new Coimbra, a different Coimbra.

The app will offer the visitors:

  Points of interests and personalized routes

  New experiences: handcraft workshops, gastronomic experiences, history routes, ...

  Packs with guides and trips

  Pre-visualization with AR/VR of the spots to visit

  Animations with AR in the points of interests, such as, the Pedro&Inês History while the user is in Quinta das Lágrimas; animations of old city walls; an recreation of Roses History with our Rainha Santa Isabel; interactions with statues and their history...

   Digital maps with photos geolocated

🛰️ EU space technologies

They will be positioned with GNSS signals and only with their positioning they will access to exclusive contents, such as, ARs. Optical satellite images will be used to be layers of the maps with the routes. 

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

We are developing a solution to solve a problem from the challenge "experiencing cities and cultures". 

With our solution, the increasing of days spend in the city, will increase the local businesses and the finding of new activities will benefit the crowd management.

💪 Team 

Ismael Jesus - Geospatial Information Engineering

Maria Francisca Amaro - Applied Econometrics & Forecasting

Tiago Marta - Electrical and Computer Engineering