💎 Idea

The phenomenon of overtourism is a pain point for both tourists and local people. We believe that to solve this problem we need to encourage both parties to cooperate. With the knowledge from local people, tourists could discover new, unique places. For locals it gives the opportunity to regain their favourite, currently crowded, places and grow small businesses. 

🛰️ EU space technologies

We leverage the power of GNSS data obtained from Galileo satellite. We track the geolocation of our local users who gave their permission in exchange for benefits to find unique places, currently unknown to tourists. In addition, we monitor the weather forecast from IMGW and air quality from Airly to suggest alternative sights if any of those two factors worsen.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

We want to solve the 2nd challenge, i.e. experiencing cities and cultures. By introducing our product, we aim to decrease the tourism density in the most popular places. As a result, we expect reduction in air pollution and amount of trash, prevention of ecosystem damage and additionally - revenue increase of small, local businesses operating in the suburban areas. 

💪 Team 

Ula - Data/ Business Analyst

Katia - Data Scientist/ Business Analyst

Bart - Senior ML Ops

Piotr - Senior Python Developer