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💎 Idea

The problem we want to solve: Exploring cultures and nature by bike is a healthy, environmental friendly and exciting way of traveling. Although people might know this, they are afraid to get into it. This creates an entry barrier for sustainable tourism. Setting up a bike holiday seems hard to do, expensive or even risky. It already starts at the planning stage, where it can be overwhelming to gather all information needed for a rewarding travel experience.  

How we are going to solve it: With cyclebee flight, as part of an all-in-one bike travelling app, you can follow bikers on their speeded up virtual journey (or in real time if you prefer). Based on a 3D map, photos of the landscape, points of interest and other relevant information is visible along the journey.

The benefits for planning – encouraging yourself: You can plan your journey step by step and take a ride from home to get a feeling for how it is going to be when you finally decide to hop on your bike. Your digital twin encourages you to do your travels by bike and shows you the reduction of your carbon footprint. Data like travel time, steepness and track quality come to live in front of your eyes.

The benefits for documentation – encouraging others: Back home or even from your travels you can share your experience with others. Let your avatar do the tour again for you showing your family and friends your experience of the tour. Your digital avatar travels over the 3D map and shows all the experiences you had. It soon will be obvious to your audience that you supported local businesses, saw places without polluting them with exhaust fumes or noise and had a good time. They see that travelling by bike is a thing to consider and remember that it is easily planned by cyclebee flight.

🛰️ EU space technologies

We use the following services for cyclebee flight:

navigation satellites: navigate and record GPX tracks, add coordinates to photos

satellite images: we use sentinel 2 satelite images to enhance orientation on maps, get a feeling of the situation

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

We actually tackle all three challenges by encouraging bike travel and bringing relevant information to life.

Finding sustainable destinations: On the bike you have the opportunity to travel away from main routes. With cyclebee flight you can experience and manage beforehand if you will ride along tourist hotspots or quiet areas. A lot of cycling related businesses like restaurants, bike friendly accommodations and service workshops are small enterprises. By the pictures and information shown along the virtual ride, you will be actively engaged to use this offers and benefit to the local economy. Experience your trip not as a sequence of (maybe overcrowded) hotspots – turn your whole ride into the highlight!

Experiencing cities and cultures: Travelling by bike is an interactive activity. You get in touch with locals and are supported by an active community. With cyclebee flight you can experience trips that others already made and plan around it. Maybe you have never thought about visiting your dream destination by bike. You will see the opportunity to go wherever you want and stop wherever you want, always having the inspiration of others by hand. By bike you can experience the city and culture in its entirety – with cyclebee flight even beforehand and afterwards!

Exploring nature with care: On your bike you can explore nature in a sustainable way. You don´t pollute the environment by exhaust fumes, noise or taking up space. With cyclebee flight you can even dive into nature from home and get a feeling for the natural environment you will be travelling through. You will be engaged to take routes through quite and green areas, so that you benefit your health on the whole journey. You can go to your own relaxed places and avoid crowding – plus you get the information how much carbon emission you save along the way!

💪 Team 

We not only have a broad spectrum of experience – we are also enthusiastic bike travellers!

Hannes Etzelstorfer (software and web development): Hannes has been self-employed developer for years, specialized in data migration/reporting and WordPress plugins. He speaks several programming languages and is a certificated e-coach for digitalisation in the tourism sector.

Katharina Köglberger (project management): Katharina has been teaching, researching and publishing in architecture for years. She has experience in project and cooperation management and is a great communicator. 

Matthias Köglberger (system administration and development): Matthias is a technical mathematician and is specialised in data management and security. He speaks several programming languages, is an expert for Linux and has experience in financial management and quality assurance.

Daniel Pairitsch (user experience design): Daniel is a psychologist and a certified user experience manager and has experience in usability, accessibility and information design. He has worked in business and organisational consulting for years and is now self-employed as an IT-freelancer. 

Katrin Lemke (online marketing): Katrin has experience in public relations for years and is heading towards content management and business communication lately. She is a social media aficionada and works as a certified dance teacher. Disclaimer: Although part of the team, Katrin is not actively contributing to the hackathon.

Live Demo: Visit https://flight.cyclebee.app/