💎 Idea

Did we became more selective in the places we spend our precious time?

Considering the health crisis from the last years, the tourism was seriously affected by this matter because people started to give more attention to quality of their lifestyle: food, services, environment and implicitly the places where they spend their free time. This slowed down the tourism in popular locations, such as the seaside, but increased the desire to explore qualitative places, which are not easy to spot. For this reason, a quality index (Q-SEA) that describes the condition of water from all seaside of Italy and offers the opportunity to make a comparison between areas, is a very powerful instrument that can be put at the disposal of coastal local business and implicitly of the tourists.

What is this index all about? It is about temperature of the water, concentration of the suspended matter, concentration of the algal pigment and the pH of the water, combined. This data is obtained using images from Copernicus, in particular from the Sentinel satellites.

⚖️ Business model 

Based on two different approaches: Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B).

In the mobile app YourSea, there will be two different subscription plans: a free plan and a paid one (on a monthly base). The former will make information available, from raw parameters, for all the registered users; we expect to deliver a consistent service that will increase our reliability on the market, consolidating a large user base. The paid plan will include several additional features such as the opportunity to reach the best spots by renting boats from local businesses, nearby the locations. The transition from the B2C to B2B model is going to happen when our mobile app will have a massive user base, allowing our project to establish partnerships with local businesses such as tourist ports and equipment rental centers. On the renting transaction between tourists and local businesses will be applied a fee for the offered service.  

Business model key points:

- YourSea mobile app

- Customer targets: Tourists (B2C model) / Local businesses (B2B model)

- Fair information for stakeholders based on our Q-SEA index, based on the aforementioned parameters

- B2C model is based on two plans available for tourists: a free subscription and a premium one (with extra features)

- Opportunity for tourists to rent boats from local businesses (i.e. equipment rental centers)

- B2B model is based on partnerships with local businesses

- Data provided for short/long period (i.e. peak season)

- Service could be delivered on-demand or through a membership

- Revenue models: Freemium and Advertising (partnerships with local businesses).

- Fees will be applied to transactions between tourists and local businesses.

🛰️ EU space technologies

Copernicus data:

Sentinel 3B - OLCI - CHL - Level 2 (used for determination algal pigment concentration);

Sentinel 3B - OLCI - TSM - Level 2 (used for determination of total suspended matter concentration);

Sentinel 3B - SLSTR - Level 2 (used for determination of sea surface temperature);

Copernicus Marine Service - Medsea analysis forecast (used for determination of ph);

The data was processed using Snap Program, the ultimate goal was to obtain an Water Quality Index with the help of which we can see more better the costal areas where the water quality is the best one. 

The value of the satellite data is invaluable because these provide  many informations for free, with a good resolution.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

Challenge #3: Exploring nature with care
Design products, devices or services that can help offer tourists a unique and sustainable opportunity to explore our nature. If you choose this challenge, you’ll be encouraged to focus on tourist information about the environmental state, conservation of local nature and biodiversity, generation of (new) routes, points of interest and activities, social recognition and social media and support local businesses and communities.

48% of the tourism going on in Italy is coastal tourism and ~40 million people come every year on Italy`s seaside. This can seriously impact in a negative way the environment and the local businesses that benefit from activities happening in the coastal areas because, according to, the main pollution cause in the coastal areas is the human action. To reduce these negative effects, people should be informed permanently  about the state of the sea water, so they can correct harmful habits. 

These are the reasons why we are facing the third challenge, with next areas of focus: „Tourist information about environmental state„ and „Supporting local businesses and communities„. Thanks to our product we can provide a solution to these matters, improving the travel experience and protecting the sorroundings.

💪 Team 

Tiution Dumitrita - Chief Executive Officer

- in charge of management and leadership;

Sabou Catalin-Stefanel - Chief Technology Officer

- designs the product, tests it and develops it, ensures the quality of the product;

Cordari Flavio - Research and Development Officer

- identifying profitable opportunities using technology, information and data

Frezza Martina - Chief Marketing Officer

- deals up with the marketing, prices and sales, exploration of new opportunities;

Marco Bisegna - Chief Business Officer 

-  business modelling and development;