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💎 Idea

ReFilamer's team develops machines that can produce raw materials for 3D printing from plastic waste. We want to build a strong community committed to the environment, so we want to launch the ReFilamer for Sustainable Tourism project.

Tripful is a social app targeting Gen Z women travellers to help them connect with each other and do an activity at the destination they both are.

Based on satellite images, the project aims to create a hiking planner in cooperation with Tripful app that can plan a hiking trail into nature, touching areas heavily contaminated with plastic waste. Hikers can collect plastic waste while completing the route, which they can dispose of at the nearest ReFilamer recycling machine. After the plastic waste is delivered, both the hiker and the machine owner will be rewarded.

🛰️ EU space technologies

On May 9, 2022, an article circulated in the press that plastic waste was being detected on satellite images using AI.
The ReFilamer for Sustainable Tourism project wants to use this technology and ESA data to locate contaminated sites.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

We solve the challenge of exploring nature with care by automating the hiking route planning and basing tourism on waste recycling.

💪 Team


Kiri Hunor - founder, CEO
He is an electrical engineering student at SZTE, the basis of the idea popped out of his mind in an idea competition in November 2020, which has since developed and refined a lot.
He is currently the manager of Startup Szeged and a strategic advisor to AgroFinder.

Péter Csvila - Chief Technology Officer
He is pursuing a master's degree in polymer technology on BME.

Lennert József Richárd - Mechatronics Engineer
He is a student of SZTE, majoring in mechatronics engineering.
He specializes in materials research, 3D modeling, 3D printing research and mechanical design, and near-hardware programming.

Zoltán Varga - Electrical Engineer
A student of electrical engineering at SZTE, his responsibilities in the team include 3D modeling, near-hardware programming, and electronics.

Kiss Vince Tibor - Leading software developer
The BME student is an electrical engineer.
In the team, he coordinates tasks related to software development.

Sándor Veréb - Financial Manager
He is a certified accountant, proficient in the world of financial law and labor law. He manages the team’s finances and is the financial plan maker.

Anna Réka Pálfi - Marketing Manager
He is a student of trade and marketing at SZTE. The team manages social networking sites and its responsibilities include brand building and website management.

In addition, the team is complemented by two consultants who are already familiar with the world of startups, namely Roland Karmann and András Bence-Kiss.


Beáta Dobsa - Founder and CEO

Beáta has a degree in Economics and Business Adminstration from Aalborg University in Denmark, where she had lived for 8 years. She has both corporate and startup experience and she is a Techstars Startup Weekend Facilitator.

Elina Eihvalde - UX/UI Designer

Elina has worked on numerous design projects and designed the Tripful app.