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bring balance to local tourism

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  • Poland


  • Exploring nature with care



💎 Idea

Most popular tourist attractions are overcrowded meanwhile local tourism is struggling. 

Szeptun regenerates local ecosystems in 3 steps:

1. Connect tourists with Nature

2. Reclaim wilderness

3. Create extra income opportunities for locals

🛰️ EU space technologies

High quality data from space tech will  allow to create a new type of dynamic map. Tourists will find it easier to discover the wild beauty of Nature.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

Exploring nature with care: by using a combination of gamification, local products and services and exposure to the beauty of Nature we will encourage tourists to navigate less traveled routes, to take care of the trails and to change consumption habits.

We offer new perspective on Nature, in which tourists become guardians of the local ecosystems.

💪 Team 

J.Wojnicki - leader, 10 year of experience in edtech and mobile dev, innovation and research

M.Szewczyk - Senior Mobile Developer and Security Expert, 8 years of experience in mobile dev, AR

P.Jarosz - UX / UI Designer,  8 years of experience in mobile / web dev, agile & analytical skills, 

K.Kuśmierczyk - Architect / FullStack Developer, 8 years of experience in python/django,