💎 Idea

The founders came up with the idea of WeSail a few years ago, when they saw for themselves how many unused boats there were on Lake Balaton and how high the demand for boat rental was. In the long term, WeSail aims to create and spread a sharing-based sailing culture, thus making the sailing experience accessible to as many people as possible.

The initial problem that the service aims to solve can be approached from two angles. On the one hand, the maintenance costs of boats are extremely high. At present, this amounts to at least one million forints for storage in port on Lake Balaton. This creates an increasingly unsustainable situation for owners, with very low average usage (30-40 days per year on average). Many prefer to store their boats on the shore, where they inevitably depreciate and lose almost all of their value, which can only be restored at huge financial cost. On the other hand, the market is currently dominated by charter companies, which means that the cost of chartering a boat is extremely high, at a minimum of HUF 100-200,000 per day plus a deposit. Few people can afford this amount, although demand is very high, with charter companies operating at 100% capacity throughout the season.


Our solution is to create a boatsharing platform that solves all the above problems at the same time, offering the possibility to rent and charter boats to individuals and legal entities. The person who advertises the boat can use this opportunity to cover the maintenance costs of the boat and, by investing more energy and time, can even make a profit. Because of their private nature and the competitive situation between advertisers, boats are cheaper to buy and thus sailing becomes accessible to a wider public. 

🛰️ EU space technologies

Based on GPS data, we can monitor the routes of the boats registered on the platform. This helps collect data on the most polluted routes and helps officials in which areas should be disencumbered in order to be restored.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

Finding sustainable destinations.

WeSail uses the sharing economy concept to reduce the emission and pollution of renting boats and sailing.

💪 Team 

The company currently has three founders who plan to continue to be involved in the company.

Mátyás Halmy: 

Mátyás is currently a student of Communication and Media Studies at BME, responsible for the company's communication and marketing strategy. He gained a lot of experience in the field during the organisation of the 2022 European Men's Handball Championship. He is also currently working in a similar position at the Hungarian Handball Federation.

Szabolcs Kardos:

Szabolcs graduated in Business Informatics at Corvinus University, currently he is a graduate student in the Master of Business Development at the same university. He gained experience in several IT companies, previously at SAP and now at Dorsum. He is responsible for service technology implementation and product development. With 15 years of competitive experience, he has deep market knowledge

Levente Rácz:

Levente is a graduate student in Business and Management at Corvinus. He has previous work experience in IT start-ups such as Seyu Solutions and is currently a financial planner in one such project. He is responsible for finance and management within the company. With 15 years of competitive experience, he has deep market knowledge.

In the future, he is most in need of professional expansion in the areas of development and sales. The sales specialist would be needed mainly in the process of international market entry.