💎 Idea

Caravel aims to enable hosts to find out about and highlight the most sustainable sites, and to recommend them to tourists wishing to enjoy eco-responsible tourist experiences, thanks to environmental indicators such as air quality, protected areas, people and traffic flows and relief.

Caravel is in line with the issues of rebalancing visits, raising the awareness of tourism stakeholders and highlighting cultural heritage.

🛰️ Spatial Technologies of the EU

Spatial imagery will provide environmental indicators for the tourism recommendations made by the reception staff. By retrieving data such as the flow of people, air quality, relief and protected areas. Caravel wants to communicate these environmental indicators of territories and sites on its tourist information interface. We use the following data sets of COPERNICUS: CMS, C3S, CLMS

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

Challenge #2 : Experiencing cities and cultures

Thanks to spatial data, the tourist information provided to hospitality professionals will be enriched in terms of sustainable tourism, allowing them to better understand the nature of the territory around them and to diversify their advice and recommendations in line with new tourist expectations and issues.

Our solution will support local businesses and communities, giving them visibility and providing tourist information on the environmental state of the territory.


Thibault : Business Developer of Caravel -  Society ImageImages

Giulia: in charge of Communication and social media

Alexandra: Designer and Data Analyst