A simple and intuitive platform for your travels. Stop wasting, SmartMove will allow you to travel with other registered users avoiding empty seats. Very often we see many semi-empty transport circulating on the streets of our favorite destinations, polluting and offering a not very smart service.

SmartMove will allow you to create tailor-made routes, trips and reservations for you. By joining other users, who will share your itinerary, you will have discounts and vouchers for your travels, helping the environment. The connected services will always be at your disposal!

If you are unable to travel, SmartMove will allow you not to lose the cost of the ticket or reservation, assigning them to other registered users.

Travel and ticket insurance, lounge access and more.

A new way to travel and help the environment!


Use the SmartMove!.pdf, below to simulate the functioning of the app. A working prototype will arrive soon on the AppStore and Google Play Store!