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💎 Idea

Our solution is a travel companion app that provides a stress free experience in discovering everything local along the road less travelled.


  • Planning

    • The app will be launched publicly in January 2023 
  • Revenue growth

    • We estimate 1 out of 6 customers will download the app once they have been exposed to some of our ads. 

    • From this, we estimated our revenue growth from 2023 to 2026

  • Go-to-market strategy

    • Depends on the market segment but essential we run ads on specific channels that are native to these segments

    • Pre-Launch - look for pioneers through cold calls for businesses and Reddit groups for travel enthusiasts

🛰️ EU space technologies

For the best experience possible you need accurate positioning data (GNSS) and live weather information. We turn this data into an insightful map:

 We derive this data from the Google API, based on this library and 

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

Our users don't need to worry about gathering options anymore, they get suggestions based on relevancy and sustainability.

  1. experiencing cities and cultures

💪 Team 

Our team of 7 is internationally-minded as we consist of 7 different nationalities. For a startup in the tourism industry, this provides a strong-multicultural foundation!

  1. Roald: Team lead
  2. Ozkan: Tech lead
  3. Joppe: Software lead
  4. William: Software dev
  5. Louise: Software dev & UX
  6. Milena: Business lead
  7. Tiso: Business & support
  8. William: API wizard