💎 Idea

The problem:

According to UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), Europe accounts for 50% of the world's tourist arrivals. Even in 2021, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, 419 million international tourists visited Europe. France, Italy, and Spain are the leading travel destinations. 

In those countries, over-tourism is a big problem. Barcelona alone pulls in 33 million tourists each year in contrast to its population of 1.6 million. This creates increased air pollution, water consumption, litter, and waste and shifts the infrastructures of this destination to provide for tourists' needs. Meanwhile, outside of the big cities, the number of tourists is fewer, and exploring nature and culture with the locals is easier. 

The solution:

Traverly is a digital solution that organizes tourism by suggesting alternative nearby routes and tours if your leading destination is overcrowded. Those suggestions are provided using user data and machine learning.

The algorithm also tracks visitors stream in nature and mountains and thus it can create paths and show them on our Maps. Something we are missing in Google maps.

🛰️ EU space technologies

Galileo is a global satellite navigation system that provides GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), a common term for global coverage for satellite-based navigation and positioning systems. 

Using GNSS data, we can analyze the traffic of the visitors, and by using an algorithm, we can suggest alternative open paths or a whole new travel path.

Our tracking method recipe is proven in this paper (Group detection on GNSS tracks when using minimum tension wood)

Another technologies


🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

Tourism after Korona will increase sharply, and experiencing nature and at the same time preserving nature and traveling green is just as important. Therefore, tourism must be organized, and it creates a better experience for the tourist as they do not have to wait and waste time on traffic, but to spend time experiencing something alternative and visiting the desired area later.

At the same time, the concept of "being a day extra" or a couple of hours has a very good effect on nature and the experience. Therefore, our solution was inspired and can be used to help decide when it is time to make the decision to be there one extra day, and possibly get suggestions for trips, accommodation and places to eat at the same time.

It creates a super good experience for visitors and makes them come back, at the same time nature is preserved and it can receive more and more people, it only happens if it is organized. And Traverly organizes for you. :)

💪 Team 

Sumeya Aden: Master in Entrepreneurship and innovation in University in Agder 

Sofjan Taha

Master's degree in Computer Engineering. A creative entrepreneur who is interested in technology and people. A winner of Hackathon Climathon (UiA Grimstad) 


Mechanical engineer (TU München)

Worked as design engineer with 3D tools for product development (industry) since 2001, involved in IT introduction projects for technical data management.

At the moment in a start-up phase around digitalization and sustainability (for industri).