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💎 Idea

As part of the "TuriSAT Portal" project, we would like to create a tool that is a demo version of an application that will support every tourist planning their holiday. In order to demonstrate the possibilities of our solution, we will focus on developing a portal for a part of Lesser Poland Voivodeship, e.g. a selected county. Thanks to satellite data, each user will be able to obtain information about air pollution, presence of snow cover, tree species dominating in nearby forests, attractiveness of viewpoints or routes of bicycle routes.

🛰️ EU space technologies

We will use
- Copernicus Sentinel 2 satellite imagery
- Open Street Map resources
-Numerical Terrain Model from the Sentinel 1 satellites
-ArcPro" GIS software (Esri)

- resources from  Zakład Teledetekcji Satelitarnej IMGW-PIB 

-resources from  Institute of Meteorology and Water Management

All this will provide a database to improve the planning of physical activity and enable information on dangerous weather phenomena.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

We are solving problems from "Exploring nature with care" category.  We would like to create a tool for responsible and safe tourism.

💪 Team 

Jakub Miszczyszyn : Team leader, R, GIS, UAV

Grzegorz Makuch : Marketing, GIS

Artur Golasz : Marketing, GIS

Przemysław Waniewski : OSM,GIS