💎 Idea

Many cities in Europe are considered "one day" cities. Due to their antiquity, the "highlights" are typically concentrated in the old city and often tourist do not venture outside of these points. This means a lot of travel to get somewhere and then move on.
The people who live in the city know it best and often like to show their city off. The quirks and idiosyncrasies of a city are often reflected in the smaller places or the sum of a collection of smaller places. By leveraging these two factors, we allow the tourist to get a more intimate and personal understanding of a city. Some of these tours will be too large to complete in a single visit, so we will encourage tourists to return and complete a tour, as well as publish to them that a tour has a new point of interest.

🛰️ EU space technologies

Our product is highly dependant on location as the objects within a tour may be hyper local. We are also reliant on weather prediction and tracking technologies as our tours try to recommend destinations and routes that keep the user safe and confortable.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

We are focused on experiencing cities and cultures by bringing user closer to the things that define a city, the things that do not appear in travel books and brochures. We endeavour to make these tours friendly by providing walking, cycling and public transport based routes. We encourage return visits by informing users when new objects are added to their favourite tours.

💪 Team 

Anita Gerencser has a strong background in film making and is now a professional UX/UI designer.
Krysta Hardaker is a recent graduate from Macromedia with a degree in Marketing.
Chris Hardaker has 20 plus years as CTO and CPO for technology based companies.

Clickable prototype