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💎 Idea

The need to give the user an opportunity to follow off the beaten track is very essential today. There are many popular destinations all over the world, which hides many interesting nooks and crannies. These need only to be shown to people - secret alleys, doorways and rediscovered places, which can deliver to users new experiences.

The above consideration results from the fact that tourism has become too mainstream these days, people are headed towards the places everyone goes. Closed or overcrowded places of interest, sudden changes in weather, or bad air condition when a long walk is planned? All of it can make you mad! We’ve asked several people how they can escape from the following mainstream tracks.

Based on the received insights, we figurate an idea in which we believe that sightseeing can be an unusual and sustainable way to experience local destinations.

Our application, which we called Trawell, is a dynamic route planner which resolves the problems of a traditional traveler. We don’t want to duplicate the already beaten paths and places, it's time to show new places in a modern, dynamic and efficient way.

An app offers new trials, routes, new experiences, a new vision to traditional journey and extends the existing tourist offer. No more uncertainty or queues during the journey. Trawell will propose the closest place to visit based on user location according to preferences, current forecast, mood, air pollution and overcrowding.

All of it with gamification elements!

Let’s imagine that people want to visit a specific city and find an interesting destination point. They usually use TripAdvisor, Google, or read other user blogs but such a resource doesn’t help to determine journeys in a dynamic way.  If a user had an application that would make a choice for him based on his preferences, which provides a possible unique location to visit taking into account the number of people, which wants to see that at the specific time . Moreover, let’s imagine that after arrives, he will have a challenge to complete, based on which he gains points. This will make his journey more pleasant, interesting, attractive and unforgettable!

Are you ready to dive into our app? Traditional travel will turn into a new action. (Re)visit Europe and gain new experience with the Trawell app!

🛰️ EU space technologies

We use the Galileo navigation satellite system to ensure independent high-precision user position, which will give information about destination point, and it will allow, to check if a user arrives at a place, and complete the challenge. Location performance is very important for dynamic routing.

Moreover, with satellite data provided by Copernicus platform, we check if trial is nature or urban based on data from Sentinel 2, and air quality based on Sentinel 5.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe


💪 Team 

This is our team, we travel a lot, we see the need to make itinerary in a dynamic way. We have got many mixed complementary skills, motivation and business approach which allowed to bring our ideas into the real world. 

Adrian Widłak - CEO Leadership, Management and Business Development

I work as a programmer and IT mentor, specializing in frontend technologies and web applications (JavaScript, UX/UI). In addition I develop myself as a research and teaching assistant at the Cracow University of Technology. Once I choose a goal, no matter how hard it is to achieve it, I do my best to fulfill it.

Michał Półchłopek - CTO Technical EO Product and Service Development

I'm 24 years old programmer with a passion for discovering new things. I develop in C++, Python and Flutter, but still I'm open to develop my skills. I like sports, traveling and good book.

Piotr Komar - CBO Business Modelling and Value Engineering

I work as an .NET software engineer specializing in MySQL, Unity,  enterprise applications design and business logic implementation. I have a huge interest in space engineering technologies, finding new usage of satellite data which impacts everyday life! I never give up always trying to improve myself, trying to find alternative solutions and hear what others may say. I like cycling, acrobatics,  alpine skiing and soccer but foremost I love to discover new places, exotic nature and hitchhiking.

Jacek Janur - CDO UI and UX Creative

I'm a 25 years old mathematician with a passion to create. I love to develop my skills in multiple areas. Actually I’m improving my design and drawing skills, but I can program in Python and PHP.