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💎 Idea

Travel guiding Application, based on the light pollution map, for dreamers, adventurers, explorers in locations of countryside tourism to provide astronomical experience for a non-astronomical price.

🛰️ EU space technologies

Earth observations gives us a pretty clear image about light pollution (which is the central problem in any kind of astronomical observations), and where to find untouched areas in the vicinity. These informations combined with the Copernicus data about land cover and protected areas can be a service for anyone who wants additional value to our trip, or for companies to expand their services.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

If the application connects the events with the companies, institutes or science centers and their related programs it can raise the cities cultural value, but its main function also help to explore the nature and to understand the value of a long-time lost treasure of nature, the dark sky, and maybe help us prevent damaging it further.

💪 Team 

Derique Casio - Data analysis

András Ordasi - Astronomer

Szabolcs Vincze - Business analysis