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Athena Blockchain

Blockchain proprietary layer 1 that will act as a monetary circuit in stable cryptocurrencies, With low cost per transaction, speed and security. And a marketplace for the resale of goods and services

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💎 Idea

Hello everyone, today we’re going to talk about how we understand blockchain and how we thought of developing it in order to take full advantage of the opportunities this technology offers.

From our point of view, this new technology and cryptocurrencies will be increasingly needed and used in the future, in the IT sector, as well as in business and daily operations.

Athena is, in fact, a proprietary blockchain designed to meet the needs of all crypto users and not, offering an innovative service, having as a strong point the DE-FI and the advantages that it derives.

After a careful analysis of the blockchain world, we have identified that most of them, and of the projects related to the crypto sector, are mainly based on trading, the financial sector occupies in fact 50% of the total use, and their gain is due to FEE or increased token value, using an insignificant percentage of its true potential.

Based on this data we decided to analyze what will be in the near future the growth and use of blockchain for those sectors still unexpressed as retail. The data is formidable and shows us how in the totality the fields will see an increase in investment for the adoption of this technology of almost 30 billion dollars.

In addition to having identified, after conducting detailed market research, that 50% of Millennials and 59% of Generation Z, found considerable interest in cryptocurrencies and recognizes in it the future of the legal currency in circulation for daily payments and actions. Even 33% of Boomers agree with these claims.

Athena aims, therefore, to redesign the role of blockchain for trading, transforming it into a service, with the ability to create a new ecosystem for the exchange of goods and services, encouraging new methods of exchange for business activities and common consumers . By creating a new monetary circuit based on the blockchain, and having as currency our native stable currency, our users will be able to make payments in crypto without having to exchange coins in current currency.

The service will initially be offered to physical or online stores for payments and the issuance of related receipts. In fact, thanks to our service, stores can charge costs directly in cryptocurrencies, issuing payment receipts in the form of NFT. The potential of this service lies in the ease of use, the speed of transactions that will be executed immediately, the security that decentralized blockchain offers its users, thus avoiding the unnecessary risks that are found today in debit card payments. Users will benefit from payments directly in cryptocurrencies by reducing the high costs of existing fees to date; In addition, each user will have the opportunity to send a maximum limit of money to other private users free of charge, without paying any kind of transaction fee. Our users will also have the possibility to subscribe to an annual or monthly subscription that allows them to make N completely free transactions.

Subsequently, our company will work in the realization of a Marketplace in order to complete the work. Through it, companies will be able to sell, in a simple and accessible way, goods and services directly to users around the world, eliminating the waiting time of signing documents from different parts. Contracts for the sale of services, will be issued through Smart Contracts that companies can create according to their needs. and issuing the certificate of ownership of the good or service in the form of NFT that will arrive directly in digital form to the buyer. Thus avoiding intermediaries who increase the price.

As for businesses and stores, we will offer a Business service that will allow companies to manage their sales, revenues and invoices totally on our platform. Nowadays, more and more companies are looking for ways to replace their existing servers with blockchains to have more traceability of their products and everything they get (sales/shipments etc.) and to increase security itself. Athena’s goal is therefore to bring companies into its ecosystem, offering them a secure and affordable proprietary blockchain with user friendly applications for managing their trade. From the Business app, companies can manage sales, returns, payment receipts (issued electronically and automatically as NFT), storing all the history in a single folder easily traceable by issue date and downloadable when needed

Some Smart Contracts that could be created for example could relate to insurance or real estate, billing via nft, notarial deeds and many more .

 The advantages that each user will get from our platform are therefore:

  1. Use of a stable currency as a monetary circuit, for those who want to take advantage of the sale of services without having to worry that their account can be influenced by market trends, excluding the risk of loss of purchasing capacity.
  2. Transactions will take place in real time, safe and at low cost. Not only transactions but also payment receipts and smart contracts will be transparent thanks to NFT.
  3. Direct connection of the wallet to the account.
  4. Ability to move cryptocurrencies around the world for a fraction of the money you’ve never seen.
  5. Possibility to purchase goods and services, in cryptocurrencies, all over the world through our Marketplace.
  6. Elimination of paper waste such as payment receipts, invoices, contracts. As everything will be digitized and sent directly online.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

Athena will go to solve challenge number 2 '' Experiencieng Cities and Cultures''. 

Our way of seeing more sustainable tourism is precisely that of choosing Green on the issue of invoices. In the big cities, but not only, every day a huge number of receipts and ''contracts' are issued, both from shops, restaurants and bars, as well as from all other commercial activities or sales of services. Through our service, all this paper will be saved and many trees will be avoided from being cut down. 

Not only, in fact, thanks to our monetary system, many foreign tourists will be encouraged to visit our country, as we give them the opportunity to pay directly in cryptocurrencies (thus avoiding the conversion of money, and saving on the transaction costs that banks require nowadays for payments abroad or on other circuits of other banks.

As regards activities, this platform will help both physical shops, bars and restaurants, sellers of services such as car rental, accommodation, cinemas, museums, railways companies or anyone who will have to deal with selling to the public, as any activity that will join us, will be placed in our marketplace and easily accessible by anyone who wants to book or search for a specific store, events, etc...

Real estate agencies will also benefit from this system, because any person living abroad who wants to buy a house in a foreign country, can do it directly from his home, taking a virtual tour of the house, managing all the practices directly from pc without need of paper signatures , as the smart contract will do everything for them, avoiding unnecessary waiting times for the signatures of more entities, and paying with the same currency of the seller, that is our stable coin.

💪 Team 

Nicolò Costantini - CEO e Founder

Back-end software developer and analyst. He began developing software at the age of thirteen and in the following years, he acquired more and more knowledge in the study of programming languages and in the analysis of software development. In September 2017 he began working as an analyst and fullstack developer in the manufacturing and automotive fields. In the past two years he has focused on blockchains, specializing in the development of smart contracts.

Etienne Sgarbi - CMO e Co-Founder

Majoring in languages and communication, with a strong entrepreneurial will, he begins to take courses in digital marketing taught by Ninje Academy to support this project and express it better through advertising campaigns. 

Nicolò Sgarbi - CTO e Co-Founder

He graduated in Languages and Business Management, with a strong interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which will lead him to dedicate his thesis precisely on these issues. Interested in the new digital and economic transaction resulting from the new technologies; Nicolò will manage all the economic and financial part of the company.