💎 Idea


- Clean mobility solutions are not democratising in general

- It is not easy to find a clean alternative for daily mobility during a trip

- Tourists are struggling to find a richer and more authentic experience while travelling, and find eco-responsible programs

- Owners of zero emission vehicles need to earn money from their unused vehicles and there is no way to do that today, and they want to meet and create link with tourists

- There are so many zero emission mobility solutions available today (with private and professional owners) and there is no platform to allow them to share these solutions (sharing economy)

Idea  : 

- go4zem wants to democratise the use of zero-emission mobility solutions and promote more liveable/sustainable cities, along with more responsible tourism

- To do so, we will connect all owners - professionals and individuals - of clean vehicles (classic/electric cycles, kick scooters, electric scooters, e-skates, etc.) with users who will be able to rent them anywhere, anytime and for any duration, and we will finally provide an optional service of enriched tourist experience using space data

- This will take the form of a website and an application (MVP) that will be available during the summer of 2022 (to be launched initially in the Paris region)

- Future versions will allow users to geo-locate their mobility solutions at any time, receive information on local events/offers and tourism infrastructures, get advices on which vehicles to choose according to the forecast, geo-locate parking spaces and charging stations for their zero emission vehicles, etc.

🛰️ EU space data

go4zem wants to become the reference platform to rent zero emission mobility solutions and have access to more authentic tourist experience thanks to geolocation, imagery and satellite data, and we will allow our users to :

  • Calculate the carbon emissions saved by choosing a clean vehicle - Agir pour la transition - ADEME (API, public, free, French)
  • View the tracks/routes previewed by virtual reality - Up42 (Airbus) (Online platform, public, Free, Global)
  • Identify the tracks, charging points and parking spaces along the route/stay - Openstreetmap (API, public, free, global)
  • Propose a route adapted to the user (levels of difficulty) - Copernicus Land (One database, public, free, European)
  • Warn of weather conditions to best adapt the mobility solution for a better experience - Infoclimat (API, public, free, French)

🏖️ (Re)visit Europe

Challenge #2: Experiencing cities and cultures


Karl : Co-founder, in charge of Strategy, Business Development and Partnerships 

Jamel : Co-founder, in charge of Product Development and Operations

Pauline : In charge of Communications & Marketing 

Aurélie : In charge of Business Development & Partnerships 

Luna : In charge of Fundraising