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💎 Idea

The global tourism industry, with the help of technology and progress is making great strides in all respects, with faster and faster means of transport year after year the average travel time is being reduced in a way never seen before. Our focus, however, has fallen on one very important factor: the carbon footprint. 

How much do we polluted while travelling?

Road vehicles are the biggest polluters, accounting for 72% of transport-related CO2 emissions.

The sea and aviation sectors account for 14% and 13% respectively.

We have developed a solution to enable everyone to reach any destination in the world, combining all means of transport, activities and possible accommodation to pollute as little as possible. Close your eyes, and imagine the potential that can have.

🛰️ EU space technologies

We use our own algorithm to calculate an index that finds the travel solution (flight, means of transport, accommodation, activity) with minimal or even compensated environmental impact. We use conversion factors that take into account the emissions of the means of transport and process GPS satellite data from Galileo to determine which means of transport the user is traveling with.

We use the Galileo and Copernicus datasets to access all the data we need: for example, this is the animation of CO2 concentration for the last 3 days that we created from the raw data.

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

Our focus has fallen on one very important factor: the carbon footprint, so we decided to choose

the challenge: #1 finding sustainable destinations 

💪 Team 

The team is composed by:

Francesco Maura: CEO, Speaker and IT Specialist

Cristian Colasanti: CMO and Marketing Specialist

Amy Ferri: Social Media Manager and Head of Communication

Luca Iacovissi: CFO and Public Relationships

Leonardo Pulciani: COO and Head of Organization

Andrea Ciotoli: CSO

Federico Ciotoli: CTO, technical manager

Luca Santodonato: CIO