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💎 Idea

Tell us about your idea here. Explain the problem and how you're going to solve it.

ICONN aim to support the hospitality industry to enhance their revenues stream while providing a 360 degree experience to their guests through unique digital journeys.

We spent 2 years to get feebacks and develop the products.

HOSPITALITY: We target both Large hospitality network and Small local hotels

EXPERIENCE PROVIDERS: We aim to expand the number of partners in order to provide a powerful offer to the hotel guests

RESTAURANTS: We aim to expand our network restaurants in order to intercept all clients’ tastes

VISION: Adding value to hospitality experience by giving a new perception to the use of paper through customized and interactive nano-website

MISSION: Connecting hospitality business with customers, increasing services sales through a simple, safe, experiential tool.

PROBLEM: Hospitality businesses complain about complexity of operational procedures required by industry’s changes and innovations. 

  1.  “High operational and digitalization costs are not pushing us to adopt new models” – General Manager of 2nd tier hospitality chain;
  2.  “Fear of change and perception to lose more time than efficiency increase rejection to innovation” – Our Analyst

In a digital environment the hospitality services need to RE-THINK to their businesses through smart solutions in order to sell the best customer experience.

ICONN supports Hospitality through a vertical scalable solution

  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Scalable & Vertical Web App+
  • Contact-less
  • Costs & Profit management tool
  • New User Experience

Maximize: Efficiency, Revenues, Customer experience

Minimize: Operational Costs, Time to process and modifications, Digitalization costs

🛰️ EU space technologies

Highlight the data, information or signals you are using/intend to use in your idea. Include some information on how this brings value to your idea

The hospitality and Tourism Sector represent 13.1% of Italian GDP


100 Mln Incoming arrivals in Italy in 2019

3 Days Average length of stay

200k Hospitality infrastructures

50 Euros spent on average during leisure & business stay for extra services


479k Active restaurants in 2020

78% Structures under the form of Partnerships or SMEs

34% Average spending in salaries

53% Clients using app to reduce interaction with waiters while dining

73% Clients confirm the benefit given by new technologies







  • Paperless solution
  • Extra revenues
  • Digitalization implemented at reasonable costs
  • Amazing customer experience
  • Access to new services to offer (Delivery platforms, Rentals, Events)
  • REVENUES 10% of the total amount ordered through our platform




  • Paperless solution
  • User friendly control panel
  • Instant modifications
  • Amazing customer experience
  • REVENUES 3 Monthly plans

 🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

Which of the 3 challenges are you solving (finding sustainable destinations, experiencing cities and cultures or exploring nature with care), and how does this make tourism more sustainable and digital?

The Challenge that we are solving it is the number 2.

In our vision we think that it is possible to make tourism more sustainable and digital through simple operations that allow the hospitality industry to grow with a valid network of partners, respecting all the quality standards of the hospitality brand between perception and satisfaction of services. by the customer.

SERVQUAL technique is an established solution across the hospitality industry that could refine the entire hospitality experience to achieve better revenues with better customer satisfaction.

Nowadays all hospitality tools are focused on selling multiple allocations, not services. This is available through platforms such as Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb, which allow customers to sell an allocation for a period of stay.

When the customer is on vacation, however, he connects to all the experiences and services present in a given area through platforms such as Tripadvisor or Yelp.

This function is consolidated and operates, albeit with some problems that make it difficult for the customer to balance the perception and satisfaction of the services.

ICONN works differently, reversing the way APIs like Tripadvisor work with the goal of minimizing the possibility of the customer having a worse experience and balancing the quality of services.

all this allows us to provide the best quality services during the customer's stay.

to simplify, we have divided our customers into two categories

Accommodation providers (from the 4-star hotel from top to bottom)

Hospitality service providers (inside or outside the company)

The hospitality accommodation provider may choose its partners as hospitality service providers who may be in or out of the hotel business, creating business deals and selling the best services through their best service partner.

This means that hospitality providers can engage the customer to get an offer with a digital solution anywhere during the duration of the stay, encourage crowd management and slow tourism, with personal advice and itineraries, social recognition and social media, state of the art, virtual travel experiences and support for businesses and local communities.

Each customer is identified with a personal PIN code valid from check-in to check-out, which allows them to order products or services and pay the full amount on the day of check-out.

This means secure bookings for businesses and local communities, virtual experience for itineraries and recommendations, plus it means that every recommendation or suggestion today, could be sold as a service or product tomorrow without the use of paper (without paper), with new and better income.

💪 Team 

Giuseppe Merico

Founder and CEO Iconn Tech

Giuseppe first graduated in Law with a Master in Economics and Business Management, and then attended the Master of Science in International Hospitality Business at Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland. 

Experienced Hospitality manager, Strong leadership attitude, which goes together with teamwork and thinking out of the box by using negotiation skills, start-up addict, revenue management and Yield management system expert.

Stefano Scozzese

Project manager

Leadership skills focused on motivating and inspiring team components and collaborators with strategic human and technological resources management ability to deliver projects on time and budgets that fulfill client expectations. 

Responsible of the product’s development. Blockchain enthusiast.

Davide Saccone

Co-Founder and Financial Advisor

Davide joined an Italian asset management firm in 2015 and is now responsible for the selection, monitoring and oversight of new investment strategies. He has spent four years in Luxembourg before joining the Investment team in Milan. He has eight years of experience in the sector of the Investment Funds industry. He holds a Master's Degree in Administration and Finance from Bocconi University in Milan